Are all genders welcome to Brukwine classes?
Classes are for Women Only.

Is Brukwine for beginners?
Absolutely. Brukwine is for all levels.

Do you need prior experience to take a Brukwine class?
Not at all. Brukwine is a workout. We will teach you. And you will burn calories while wining your waist.

Are wearing heels a must?
No. You can wear whatever you feel comfortable in. Heels, sneakers, or sneaker wedges.

What attire do I need to wear to class?
Whatever you feel comfortable and sexy in. Preferably leggings or shorts. We also have Brukwine apparel that you can purchase at every class.

Is there anything else I need to bring for class?
Yes water, Gatorade, etc. You need to stay hydrated while wining your waist!! You will be sweating a lot. Actually you most likely will be drenched with sweat while taking a Brukwine class. So be smart!!

Is this class ok for all ages?
17 and over. We love the variety of ages that come to Brukwine class.

Can I do Brukwine if I’m pregnant?
Please check with your doctor before doing any exercises. If your doctor approves you are more than welcome!

I’m an expert at dancing and wining my waist why would I take Brukwine?
Because it’s a WORKOUT. Everyone needs a great workout. And it’s fun. Get your party on and sweat it out!

Can I pay for class at the door?
We recommend you pay in advance online to guarantee a spot. Classes sell out quickly so waiting to pay usually doesn’t work.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule my class?
You can cancel or reschedule classes up to 24hrs before the start of class. Log into your Brukwine account to cancel/reschedule  your class.  Any class cancelled after the cancelation window will be considered a late cancel and you will be charged for the class. There are no refunds, exchanges or exceptions. *Please keep in mind there is an expiration date on all classes and class packages. Classes must be used by that date. You can find this information in your Brukwine account. 

What are prices of Brukwine apparel?
All apparel prices range between $25 and $35.

Do you accept credit cards to purchase Brukwine apparel?
Yes. We accept all major credit cards.

Will I really get a good workout doing this?
Oh yes you will! Ask someone who has taking brukwine before. Total body workout. You will not leave without burning 800 to 1000 calories. YOU WILL GET ADDICTED!!